The History of Art: A Global View Prehistory to the Present

Jean Robertson, Deborah Hutton, Cynthia Colburn, Ömür Harmansah, Eric Kjellgren, Rex Koontz, De-nin Lee, Henry Luttikhuizen, Allison Lee Palmer, Stacey Sloboda, Monica Blackmun Visonà

A flexible textbook helps AP® students and teachers engage with global art. 

The first art history survey textbook with a global narrative in mind, The History of Art supports the AP® Art History Big Ideas and Art Historical Thinking Skills. The chronological organization makes it easy for students to understand continuity and change within cultures and see how interactions with other cultures affected art. Features throughout the text model art historical thinking and help students describe materials, processes, and techniques. Brief chapters can be taught in any order, and over 1,600 artworks from around the world, including most of the AP® 250, support the development of visual analysis skills of both familiar and unfamiliar works. 

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Jean Robertson


Jean Robertson is Chancellor's Professor of Art History Emerita at Indiana University, Herron School of Art and Design, IUPUI, where she received three Indiana University awards for excellence in teaching. She specializes in art history and theory after 1980, viewed in a global context. She served as founding co-director of the Southern Ohio Museum and associate curator of the Columbus (Ohio) Museum of Art.

Deborah Hutton


Deborah Hutton is Professor of Art History in the Department of Art and Art History at The College of New Jersey. Her research explores art made for the Muslim courts of South Asia between the sixteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Cynthia Colburn


Cynthia S. Colburn is Professor of Art History at Pepperdine University where she has received two awards for excellence in teaching. Her research focuses on the art and archaeology of the ancient Mediterranean, especially the role of bodily adornment and performance in identity construction.

Ömür Harmansah


Ömür Harmansah is Associate Professor of Art History at the University of Illinois at Chicago. As an archaeologist and an architectural historian, Dr. Harmansah specializes in the art, architecture, and material culture of the ancient Near East.

Eric Kjellgren


Eric Kjellgren is a leading scholar of the arts of Oceania. Formerly curator of Oceanic Art at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and director of the American Museum of Asmat Art (AMAA) and Clinical Faculty in Art History at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota, he has worked extensively with contemporary Indigenous Australian artists and done field research in Vanuatu.

Rex Koontz


Rex Koontz is Professor of Art History at the University of Houston and Consulting Curator of Ancient American Art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. He has written widely on ancient Mexican art, architecture, and aesthetics.

De-nin Lee


De-nin Lee is Associate Professor of Art History in the department of Visual & Media Arts at Emerson College. Her research in Chinese painting currently focuses on the intersection of landscape and environment.

Henry Luttikhuizen


Henry Luttikhuizen is Professor of Art History Emeritus at Calvin University. He has served as the president of the Midwest Art History Society and the American Association of Netherlandic Studies.

Allison Lee Palmer


Allison Lee Palmer is Professor of Art History in the School of Visual Arts at the University of Oklahoma, where she has won numerous teaching awards. Her publications include Leonardo da Vinci: A Reference Guide to His Life and Works; Historical Dictionary of Architecture; Historical Dictionary of Romantic Art and Architecture, and the Historical Dictionary of Neoclassical Art and Architecture.

Stacey Sloboda


Stacey Sloboda is the Paul H. Tucker Professor of Art at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Her research focuses particularly on eighteenth-century art, design, and material culture in Britain, with a special interest in cross-cultural exchange and global networks.

Monica Blackmun Visonà


Monica Blackmun Visonà is Professor of Art History and Visual Studies and affiliate faculty in African American and Africana Studies at the University of Kentucky.