The Great Family Wine Estates of France

Solvi dos Santos, Florence Brutton

An unprecedented entrée into the lives and sumptuous interiors of the estates behind the world’s best-known French wine labels.


From the estates of the champagne families of Bollinger, Roederer, and Taittinger to family properties in Bordeaux, Burgundy, Beaujolais, Côtes du Rhône, Alsace, Jura, Provence, Corsica, Languedoc-Roussillon, the Southwest, and the Loire: here are the private homes at the heart of the extraordinary French wine industry.

Wine is synonymous with France and an extensive range of wines is produced, from champagne in the north to the highly prized reds of Bordeaux. Solvi dos Santos’s photographs, along with the personal insights of the owners, tell the stories of estates in all the major wine-producing regions. Florence Brutton brings the unique character of each estate featured here to life, explaining the idea of terroir (the idiosyncratic growing conditions that define and distinguish each area of cultivation) and the importance of local customs.

With details on the wines produced and information for the would-be visitor, this book will appeal to wine lovers, Francophiles, travelers, and anyone who wants an insider’s view of the fascinating world of viniculture.


Solvi dos Santos


Solvi dos Santos is one of the best-known international lifestyle photographers. Her many publications include At Home in Turkey, Contemporary Natural, and The Great Family Wine Estates of France. She lives in Paris.

Florence Brutton

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Florence Brutton has worked with many wine organizations in France, including the Comiteé interprofessionnel du vin de Champagne.