The Goude Touch A Ten-Year Campaign for Galeries Lafayette

Jean-Paul Goude, Patrick Mauriès

Sexy, irreverent, and often very funny: a modern classic of commercial art for all advertising and design professionals.

Jean-Paul Goude is one of the world’s most brilliant and unorthodox image-makers. This book assembles a collection of advertising artwork he created over a ten-year period for Galeries Lafayette—Paris’s most celebrated department store.

Approximately 200 works are included: drawings, sketches, and final images that sparkle with creative vigor. Selected and arranged by Goude himself, they present a gallery of artworks that have not only defined a brand, but have redefined advertising and brand photography as we know them.

Goude is behind some of the wittiest billboards in Paris, in perfect control of his medium and with an intuitive sense of chic. In an inspired moment, Galeries Lafayette gave Goude a rare degree of creative freedom, and Goude responded with some of the best work he has ever made: a modern classic of commercial art.

This book is a celebration of Goude’s creative zest and perfectionism, and his unique affinity for making fresh and engaging commercial art. It will inform and instruct anyone concerned about the art of image-making, whether design professionals or simply those prepared to be delighted and entertained by chic, witty images that work.


Must-read book.

— Harper's Bazaar

Reminds you that fashion and art are, at the end of the day, intertwined.

— Z!NK


Jean-Paul Goude


Jean-Paul Goude has worked at the forefront of commercial art, advertising and illustration for over three decades. From his time as art director at Esquire, to his unforgettable photographs of Grace Jones, to his advertising work for Chanel, Kodak, Cacharel and the Galeries Lafayette, and even to his work with the latest supermodels—Goude has triumphantly captured, time after time, the spirit of his age. He is the author of So Far So Goude, The Goude Touch, and Jean-Paul Goude.

Patrick Mauriès

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Patrick Mauries is a writer and publisher of many notable titles on fashion and design, including Goude: The Chanel Sketchbooks, Fornasetti: Designer of Dreams, and The World According to Karl.