The Garden Visitor's Companion

Louisa Jones

For many, visiting gardens both large and small, public and private, is one of the pleasures of modern travel.


The most urban New Yorker, Berliner, or Parisian will not miss the gardens of Kyoto or Souchow, Florence or Charleston, when on vacation. Louisa Jones explores ten types of gardens, and for each she proposes ten questions that the visitor might ask, along with suggestions of things to look for and think about.


For someone who enjoys touring gardens, this book will offer plenty of food for thought.

— The Hartford Courant

An unusual and thoughtful book for travelers who love to visit gardens.

— Star Tribune

Louisa Jones explores the appeal of these spaces, provoking thoughts about the intersection between nature and art. Reading Jones' 'Ten Questions' sections prime the mind for a trip down the garden path with intriguing queries and mini-essays.

— Passport


Louisa Jones


Canadian by birth, Louisa Jones has lived in Southern France for nearly forty years. She is the author of many books on gardens and landscape, including The French Country Garden and Reinventing the Garden.