The Complete Royal Families of Ancient Egypt

Aidan Dodson, Dyan Hilton

"Excellent biographical history of ancient Egypt’s royal families from the Early Dynastic period to Egypt’s absorption into the Roman Empire. . . . Highly recommended."—Choice


This groundbreaking book illuminates the lives of some 1,300 kings, queens, princes, and princesses of ancient Egypt, unraveling family relationships and exploring the parts they played in politics, cultural life, and religion.

The authors begin with a basic summary of the structure of the pharaonic state, including the nature of ancient Egyptian kingship itself, and then introduce key members of the royal family. This is followed by a chronological survey of the royal family from c. 3100 BC to the last Cleopatra. For each dynasty, or significant part of a dynasty, the authors provide an historical overview of the period, a summary listing of the kings, and a discussion of their families’ relationships.

This superb biographical history of ancient Egypt is handsomely illustrated with hundreds of photographs, line drawings, and genealogical trees.


The staggering amount of material that had to be assembled and collated for Families, not to mention the actual writing itself, leaves this reviewer in awe of the accomplishment…A book to own, read cover to cover, and pull from the shelf again and again.


Every page features several photographs and illustrations that help the reader and further illuminate these ancient people.

— Science News


Aidan Dodson


Aidan Dodson is a Teaching Fellow in Archaeology at the University of Bristol.

Dyan Hilton


Dyan Hilton works at the Roman Baths Museum in Bath, England.