The Brainiac's Book of Robots and AI

Paul Virr, Harriet Russell


Following The Brainiac’s Book of the Climate and Weather, this new addition to the Brainiac series approaches science and technology from a creative angle to make STEM learning accessible and fun.

Hands-on activities include building a grippy robot hand, making a mechanical hopping frog, testing yourself for artificial intelligence, and writing the first bill of robot rights. Readers will also find out which gross and scary jobs only robots can do, how nanobots could battle bugs inside the human body, and why self-driving cars might save lives.

Through quirky stories, infographic data dumps, and entertaining activities, readers will discover all there is to know about robots and artificial intelligence.


Paul Virr


Paul Virr is an editor and writer of children’s nonfiction. He edited the official children’s guides for the Science Museum in London and the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester, and is a registered STEM ambassador working with the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution.

Harriet Russell

Illustrated By

Harriet Russell is a London-based artist. She has written and illustrated eight books for children and is the illustrator of the activity series This Book Thinks You’re a …, which has sold in over twenty languages.