Techno Textiles 2 Revolutionary Fabrics for Fashion and Design

Sarah E. Braddock Clarke, Marie O'Mahony

This up-to-date book highlights advanced textiles in production and available to the designer, artist, architect, and consumer today.


It explores the exciting confluence of art, design, and technology: new textiles that shrink or expand to fit; fabrics developed from carbon, steel, glass, and ceramics; materials that protect the wearer from environmental extremes on earth and in space.

Featuring a wide selection of textiles at the cutting edge of technology, the book covers the field in three main sections:

Innovations: how the newest textiles are imagined and produced.

Applications: from fashion and design to architecture and art.

Reference: including a glossary, biographies, a bibliography, and directories of addresses and public collections.


Sarah E. Braddock Clarke


Sarah E. Braddock Clarke is a consultant/curator and Senior Lecturer in Fashion Design and Performance Sportswear Design at University College Falmouth. She has co-authored numerous books on advanced textiles and their applications to fashion and performance sportswear, including Techno Textiles and SportsTech, both published by Thames & Hudson.

Marie O'Mahony


Marie O’Mahony is Professor of Advanced Textiles at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia.