Street Graphics Egypt

Barry Dawson

The street graphics of modern Egypt reflect three distinct cultures and visual styles: ancient Egyptian imagery, a developing Western international style, and the traditional Arabic calligraphy of Egypt's Islamic majority.


Thousands of years ago, Egyptians carved a pictorial history of Pharaonic culture on their temples, tombs, and monuments. Representations and interpretations of this ancient culture saturate modern Egypt's tourism industry, from hotel signs and theme parks to the souvenirs sold by street hawkers. The development of Egypt's coastal resorts has been accompanied by modern images of beach and party lifestyles, and this new imagery thrives alongside the traditional in stark contrast or startling confusion. Barry Dawson's photographic record is a colorful source of diverse street images that provide a creative springboard for graphic artists, a visual impression for visitors, and an offbeat pictorial introduction to ancient and modern Egypt.


Barry Dawson