Street Graphics Cuba

Barry Dawson

Barry Dawson's brilliant photographic eye captures it all in an inspirational, all-color ideas book for designers, an evocative medley of impressions for visitors - and would-be visitors - to Cuba and an entertaining cornucopia for the visually curious.


Much of today's most exuberant, most creative, and most telling imagery can be found in the street. A public art gallery of visual icons, each city hosts permanent collections and temporary exhibits, each country reflects its own much-loved identity.

Cuba has a unique place in the world's street galleries, where its colonial past and the revolution have created something vibrantly distinct. Che Guevara is a popular presence, but beyond the ideology the streets provide a venue to enjoy pre-Revolution enamel Coke signs, Crystal beer and Cohiba cigar billboards, the imagery of the Buena Vista Social Club, and a nostalgic look at the chromium trim and high tail fins of 1950s automobiles.


Barry Dawson