SportsTech Revolutionary Fabrics, Fashion and Design

Sarah E. Braddock, Marie O'Mahony

One of the most dominant cultural influences today is sports. The stars are megastars, their faces instantly recognizable. Sports products have become designer labels in their own right, as well as having a significant impact on fashion, from haute couture to street style.

In the 1990s advances in textile and garment technology, much of it especially developed by the sports industry itself, but also inherited from research for space travel, the military, industry, and medicine, resulted in ever more sophisticated sportswear. Crucial fractions of a second can be saved in modern speed-sports by wearing the latest designs. In "extreme" sports, survival itself may depend on the properties of the chosen clothing. There are now sports clothes and accessories specifically made to speed the runner, streamline the swimmer, protect the snowboarder, or insulate the mountaineer.

This wonderfully illustrated book, written by two experts on revolutionary textiles, describes new fabrics (including those made of metal, glass, or ceramic yarns) and their amazing properties. It explains the design processes for making clothes that mimic the carapace of an insect, are seamless, or have venting systems. It also includes the latest fashions that owe their stylish futuristic look to the innovations of sportswear, and is completed by a glossary of technical terms and a directory of designers and manufacturers.


Sarah E. Braddock


Marie O'Mahony


Marie O’Mahony is Professor of Advanced Textiles at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia.