Sofas 340 Iconic Designs

Agata Toromanoff

A generously illustrated celebration of the sofa and its place in the modern home from timeless design icons to future classics.

To many, the sofa encapsulates everything one associates with home—a place of relaxation, comfort, and calm. The sofa often plays more than one role in the home: it can be serve as a decorative centerpiece, a child’s play area, and a bed all at once. As a result, we have become demanding about every aspect of its design.

This generously illustrated volume celebrates the creativity of more than 150 designers, bringing together the very best in sofa design from the 20th and 21st centuries. In addition to showcasing design icons like Josef Hoffmann and Le Corbusier, the book presents the most inventive creations of recent years from designers who continue to redefine and expand this field.

With profiles arranged alphabetically by designer, the book includes practical advice on buying a sofa and styling a living space, and a timeline of sofa design. This treasure trove of exciting creations and handy tips will appeal to anyone in search of inspiration for their own home, or with an interest in furniture design in general. 


Toromanoff's tome defines a sofa as the epitome of what we associate with home.

— Business of Home

This generously illustrated volume celebrates the creativity of more than 150 designers from Josef Hoffmann and Le Corbusier.

— North Carolina Modernist Houses

The 220 fine color illustrations are worth the price of this book alone.

— Travel by Entree


Agata Toromanoff


Agata Toromanoff is an art and design historian. She has worked for collectors and galleries, and has curated and managed numerous contemporary art projects. As well as writing features for the art press, she is the author of Chairs by Architects.