Silk Fiber, Fabric, and Fashion

Lesley Ellis Miller, Ana Cabrera Lafuente, Claire Allen-Johnstone

This luxurious compendium of silk is the ultimate celebration of one of the world’s most revered fabrics.


Silk reveals a breathtaking selection of fabric and fiber dating from antiquity to the early twenty-first century. Structured by technique, this outstanding new survey draws on the exceptional collections of London’s Victoria and Albert Museum and shows the nest aesthetic and technical achievements of artisans, designers, and manufacturers.

From dyeing to weaving and crochet to embroidery, this is a magnificent visual exploration of methods used over the centuries. From historic treasures in China and South America to nineteenth-century European International Exhibitions of art and industry, and more recently, designers’ catwalk collections from the fashion capitals of America, Asia, and Europe, including pieces by Dior, Balenciaga, and McQueen, here is the ultimate compendium of silk, presented in a luxurious real-cloth binding.

Silk is the authoritative sourcebook, exploring methods and traditions across the history and geography of silk production, and celebrating the ingenuity and skill of designers and makers.


[A] luxurious tribute to one of the world's oldest textiles… Any fan of fashion will devour this exquisite volume.

— Publishers Weekly

Densely illustrated…this reference follows silk as a material, a commodity for world-changing trade, and an artistic medium… Sections trace…the many ways artisans across the globe have fashioned silk fibers into incredible objects for millennia.

— Library Journal (starred review)


Lesley Ellis Miller


Lesley Ellis Miller is Senior Curator of Textiles and Fashion at the Victoria and Albert Museum and Professor of Dress and Textile History at the University of Glasgow.

Ana Cabrera Lafuente


Ana Cabrera Lafuente is Curator of Fashion at the Museo del Traje, Madrid, and Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Claire Allen-Johnstone


Claire Allen-Johnstone is Assistant Curator of Furniture, Textiles, and Fashion at the Victoria and Albert Museum.