Roman Mythology A Traveler's Guide from Troy to Tivoli

David Stuttard

The perfect guide to Roman myths and the landscapes and ideas that shaped them—for both the actual and armchair traveler.

All roads lead to Rome, as the famous saying goes. Rome was a melting pot of peoples from across the Mediterranean and beyond, each bringing their own myths and legends of heroes and heroines, gods and goddesses. Roman myths formed the backdrop to the rituals and customs of everyday life, from the way aristocrats dressed up for a banquet to the bloodthirsty audiences thrilled to watch criminals forced to enact the roles of mythological characters.

In Roman Mythology, David Stuttard offers an innovative approach to the subject, taking the reader on a tour of the great sites of the ancient Roman world. Each account begins with a brief, evocative description of the location and landscape, followed by its associated myths and stories, as well as any rituals performed there in antiquity. Drawing on the great works of Dionysius of Halicarnassus, Plutarch, Ovid, Horace, and Virgil, and with commissioned maps and illustrations, as well as practical information about the sites today, this book is a fresh look at a subject of great fascination. Compact enough to fit in a backpack, Roman Mythology is perfect for both the armchair and experienced traveler.


David Stuttard


David Stuttard is the author of many books on classical antiquity, including Greek Mythology: A Traveler's Guide from Mount Olympus to Troy, The Romans Who Shaped Britain, and the recent Nemesis: Alcibiades and the Fall of Athens.