Retro Cameras The Collector's Guide to Vintage Film Photography

John Wade

An accessible, design-led guide to the coolest, most collectible vintage film cameras combined with a practical reference to discovering the authentic buzz of shooting with film.

Retro Cameras is a stylish, design-led guide to classic and retro cameras aimed at those who want to discover the world of analogue photography. It includes more than one hundred camera models, from the easily affordable to the highly collectible, in thirteen formats: 35mm SLRs, 35mm rangefinders, 35mm viewfinders, roll film SLRs, sheet and roll film folding cameras, twin-lens reflexes, Instamatics, stereo cameras, panoramicand wide-angle cameras, miniature cameras, and instant cameras. Supplementing an already comprehensive resource are quick-reference shooting guides for each format, as well as a section on retro camera accessories.

The book includes over four hundred specially commissioned photographs, practical advice on how to use and get the most out ofeach camera, buyers’ tips, a “test drive” of each camera, and a dedicated glossary. Retro Cameras is the perfect reference for young photographers who want to get creative with analogue photography, while also offering authoritative guidance for more experienced collectors and enthusiasts.


John Wade


John Wade was editor of the UK magazine Photography for seven years before becoming a freelance writer and photographer. He has written, edited, and contributed to more than thirty books on photographic history and techniques.