Pop-Up Surrealism

Gérard Lo Monaco

Open the door to the dreamlike world of surrealism!

In this magical book, pop-up engineer Gérard Lo Monaco brings to life eight works of art by leading surrealists: Salvador Dalí, Victor Brauner, Jean Arp, Man Ray, Joseph Cornell, Dora Maar, René Magritte, and André Breton. Short texts introduce each work and its historical context, while hand-painted illustrations bring a new dimension to this revolutionary period in modern art.

Produced in collaboration with the Centre Pompidou, Pop-Up Surrealism celebrates one hundred years of surrealist art.


Gérard Lo Monaco


Gérard Lo Monaco is an Argentinian illustrator and paper engineer based in Paris. He has been art director at some of the most prestigious illustrated publishing houses, including Albin Michel and Hélium. His pop-up version of The Little Prince has sold over 900,000 copies. He is also the creator of Sea Voyage and A Train Journey.