Pop-Up Moon

Annabelle Buxton, Olivier Charbonnel, Anne Jankeliowitch

A dazzling pop-up book full of amazing facts about our moon, certain to illuminate the entire family!

You see it almost every night, but how much do you really know about the moon? In this incredible pop-up book, discover where the moon came from, why it appears to change shape, how it affects our oceans, and what a blood moon is. Shoot into space with the Saturn V rocket and travel back in time to join the first astronauts to set foot on the moon.

Four breathtaking pop-ups reveal the inner workings of the solar system, demonstrate how eclipses occur, and more. Intricate illustrations and fact-filled pages bridge the 238,000-mile distance between us and the moon, making this the perfect gift for young stargazers. Budding astronomers and anyone curious about the night sky will find that the moon’s secrets are just “one small step” away!


Annabelle Buxton


Annabelle Buxton is a graduate of the Eécole Estienne and the College of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg (HEAR). Her illustrations have appeared in numerous books, and in 2011, she won the Prix Jeunes Talent from the Acadeémie d'Alsace des Sciences, Lettres et Arts.

Olivier Charbonnel


Olivier Charbonnel has been a paper engineer for nearly thirty years, and he has created numerous pop-up books.

Anne Jankeliowitch


Anne Jankeliowitch is an engineer specializing in the environment. She has worked for several years in nature conservation and for the World Wildlife Fund and Greenpeace. She contributed to the bestseller The Earth from the Air, and to several other nature-related books.