Polaroid The Complete Guide to Experimental Instant Photography

Rhiannon Adam

A complete, intuitive, step-by-step guide to experimental instant photography techniques and the manipulation of Polaroid prints and cameras


The cult of Polaroid photography has ignited the imaginations of photographers across all generations. The immense popularity of recent digital applications that replicate the effects of instant photography, such as Instagram, has in turn renewed enthusiasm for that vintage look best achieved with analog technologies.

Equally relevant for the novice or the experienced photographer, Polaroid: The Complete Guide to Experimental Instant Photography is informative and intuitive. An introduction charts the widespread use of Polaroid, its subsequent decline, and its current rebirth. Section 1: Camera and Film Format Guide introduces the key cameras, compatible films and buying and accessory guides. It also includes how-tos, ranging from storing your prints to adapting Type 80 cameras to accept Fuji film. Section 2: Creative Techniques gives a comprehensive breakdown of every method of image manipulation, such as “Polaroid image transfers,” “cyanotype contact printing,” and “emulsion lifts.” Each technique comes with step-by-step, photographic instructions and a showcase of the very best end results.

With 450 full-color illustrations giving step-by-step instructions, this book offers a complete course in Polaroid photography and its myriad potential applications.


Rhiannon Adam


Rhiannon Adam is an established Polaroid photographer. She is an expert in the field, teaching workshops and short courses on Polaroid creative techniques. Her photography has been exhibited and published worldwide.