Pocket Museum: Vikings

Steven Ashby, Alison Leonard

An informative introduction to Viking history that also provides an impressive collection of artifacts and new insights on the Norse people. 

The culture of the Viking world speaks of both violence and of beauty. This extensively illustrated volume brings together nearly 200 carefully chosen artifacts that reflect the art and daily life of Viking-Age Europe and the North Atlantic. It includes both iconic items and finds from recent excavations, providing a visual guide to the early-medieval Scandinavian world.

Highlights include Norway’s famous ship burials, the only complete example of a Viking helmet, and the treasures looted from the monasteries of Britain, Ireland, and continental Europe. Equally important are the less familiar fragments of everyday life: a brooch, a woolen sock, even a loaf of bread. The juxtaposition of the outstanding and the everyday makes this volume unique in its field. Featuring sumptuous close-up photographs to best showcase its comprehensive collection of exquisite artifacts, Pocket Museum: Vikings is an informative introduction for newcomers to Viking history that also provides new insights for those familiar with the subject. 


Steven Ashby


Steven Ashby is a Senior Lecturer at the University of York. He is a medieval archeologist specializing in the archeology of portable material culture and the use of animal products in craft and industry. He recently recorded two series of documentaries in support of the History Channel’s popular drama Vikings.

Alison Leonard


Alison Leonard specializes in Viking Archeology with a focus on artifacts and coinage. She has extensive teaching experience at the universities of York and Cambridge.