Pocket Museum: Ancient Egypt

Campbell Price

A detailed exploration of 200 Ancient Egyptian objects from museums around the world, gathered here into one handy, pocket-sized guide

This magnificently illustrated book brings together 200 of the finest and most significant Ancient Egyptian treasures and artifacts preserved in museums in North America and around the world.

Spanning some 5,000 years, Ancient Egyptian art was the product of a complex, interlinked series of beliefs and practices. Pocket Museum: Ancient Egypt answers these questions by examining a wide range of significant objects, beginning in around 4000 BCE from all spheres of Ancient Egyptian life. The compelling and informative text discusses some of the best- known masterpieces of Egyptian art—including the iconic mummy mask of Tutankhamun and the beautiful painted plaster bust of Nefertiti—and contextualizes them in relation to lesser-known works.

Pocket Museum: Ancient Egypt provides a captivating overview of 5,000 years of civilization on the banks of the Nile, but it is also a fascinating history of collecting and methods of interpretation. How have the fashions of certain periods and collectors affected the ways in which Ancient Egypt is represented in museums and presented to the public, and what can these objects tell us about the people who made and commissioned them?


Campbell Price


Campbell Price is Curator of Egypt and Sudan at Manchester Museum, University of Manchester. He is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Liverpool and has lectured and published widely on Ancient Egyptian material culture and its modern interpretation.