Paint with the Watercolor Masters

Jonathan Stephenson

A step-by-step guide to materials and techniques for today’s watercolorists.


With the aid of this practical guide, amateur artists can explore every aspect of watercolor, from understanding the historical background to learning how to master the many different techniques.

The in-depth guide to materials explains how to choose the right ones for your purpose from the many available today, and how to get the best results. Step-by-step demonstrations encompass varied styles and technical approaches and show, with the aid of photographs for each stage and detailed explanations, exactly how to re-create the methods of the masters.

The author’s own research and experiments shed light on how the watercolor masters, from Duërer and Turner to Ceézanne and Sargent, actually worked.


Jonathan Stephenson


Jonathan Stephenson is an accomplished painter who has contributed to The Artist and The Artist and Illustrator’s Magazine, among other publications. He lives in England.