Paint with the Impressionists A step-by-step guide to their methods and materials for today's artists

Jonathan Stephenson

An easy-to-master, fun-to-do, step-by-step guide to making your own Impressionist paintings.

In this approach to impressionism and its methods, the author’s instruction enables amateur artists to paint like the impressionists. Paint with the Impressionists is illustrated with well-known works of art, and shows how the masters achieved their effects and how their ideas and styles can be adapted today.

An introduction provides historical background to impressionism, and a section is included on artists’ materials available then and now. Demonstrations show how to achieve the desired effects, from the initial sketch to the finished painting.

Sections on the artists provide insight into individual techniques. You will learn how to recreate the style of Claude Monet’s landscapes, Paul Ce´zanne’s still lifes, or Edgar Degas’s figures, and see your own impressionist skills develop from the first brushstroke to the finished painting.

Author Jonathan Stephenson carried out his own painting experiments to help identify how the impressionists must have worked, making this guide extremely user-friendly.


Jonathan Stephenson


Jonathan Stephenson is an accomplished painter who has contributed to The Artist and The Artist and Illustrator’s Magazine, among other publications. He lives in England.