New Poster Art

Cees W. de Jong, Stefanie Burger, Jorre Both

Over 200 of the best, most creative, and most striking international posters of recent times.


Even today, among the ever-increasing welter of digital media and abundance of images, the poster remains a key means of disseminating information and an important medium for designers' artistic expression. But how does a designer transform a blank piece of paper into a seductive image? Are there any abiding principles, or—as it sometimes seems—does anything go?

The works featured in New Poster Art have been created by the world's most prominent designers, and the majority come from the past fifteen years. As is clear from these pages, posters have become a testing ground for artistic innovation, boasting breathtaking levels of conceptual and visual experimentation and skill.

Featuring work by Bose, Brade, Morla, Pesce, Sagmeister, Tartakove, Troxler, and many more, the book proves that the poster is still a major form of graphic communication.


Cees W. de Jong


Cees W. de Jong is a Dutch designer, publisher, and curator.

Stefanie Burger


Jorre Both