New Asian Interiors

Massimo Listri

A sumptuous selection of beautifully designed homes from East Asia.


The appeal of contemporary interior design in Asia can be found in the sense of balance and calm that the simple yet elegant furnishings, furniture, and art impart.

Few design styles include such an intriguing mixture of cultures and traditions. Whether the interior decoration invokes the feeling of opulence in the Ming dynasty or follows the almost mystical aspects of feng shui design, it includes a wonderfully rich palette and offers a variety of decorative themes.

This book features some of the most beautiful homes in Asia—from Japan, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Malaysia to Singapore, Indonesia, Java, and Bali.


Massimo Listri


Massimo Listri‘s photographs have appeared in many books, including Casa Mundi, Casa Mediterranea, Villas of Tuscany and New Asian Interiors.