Native Land

Raymond Depardon, Paul Virilio


The book features photographs and movie stills by Depardon, multi-screen installations, and press articles, and the subjects discussed range from Tuvaluans forces to leave their Pacific island due to flooding to a human cannonball who catapults himself over the US-Mexico border.


Raymond Depardon


Raymond Depardon is a French photographer, filmmaker, and journalist. He has published more than fifty books on photography.

Paul Virilio


Paul Virilio trained as an artist in stained glass, working with Braque and Matisse, as well as studying philosophy at the Sorbonne. In 1975 he was made director of the Ecole spéciale d’architecture in Paris. He retired from teaching in 1998 and now works with private organizations on projects to house the homeless in Paris. He has written many books, including War and Cinema, Open Sky, and Ground Zero.