My Animal Book Facts and fun, Questions and answers, Things to make and do


A hands-on, action-packed title that asks and answers questions young children often have about animals


How do animals live? What do they eat? Is a human being an animal? Children have all sorts of questions about animals, and in My Animal Book those questions are answered. A little girl named Koko helps children to think about animals and make comparisons with their own lives. There are also three intrepid explorers who go on adventures to a variety of places to find out about different species. Young readers investigate each topic by playing and learning.

The book is energetic and bold in its illustration, with contributions from a variety of illustrators. It has a sense of humor, and its large format makes it feel friendly and approachable for children ages four and up.


The eye-catching digital graphics, engaging characters, and many reader-directed prompts pair well to keep children flipping pages.

— Publishers Weekly

The illustrations are lovely, yet simple, and truly draw children into the learning experience.

— Smart Books for Smart Kids

This fun-filled introduction to the world of animals provides hands-on learning experience that combines reading with a series of activities to reinforce what kids have learned.

— Portland Book Review

The book's standard nonfiction features along with its sparse, accessible text make it ideal for browsers, while a 'How to Use This Book' page will help children figure out where they'll need adult guidance.

— School Library Journal




OKIDO is an innovative group of London-based designers, illustrators, and authors who create an art-and-science magazine of the same name for young children. In spring 2015, their television show will air on the BBC. Author Sophie Dauvois is a scientist and teacher. Rachel Ortas is an illustrator and artist-in-residence at Central Saint Martins, London. Alex Barrow is the magazine’s art director.