Mr. Fluxus: A Collective Portrait of George Maciunas

Ann Noel, Emmett Williams

George Maciunas was the founding member and leader of the most radical and experimental art movement of the 1960s, Fluxus. Its members rejected the traditional systems of high art, practicing an extraordinary form of anti-art that encompassed everything from photography and pavement art to poetry and drama. Mr. Fluxus, the first biography of this key figure in twentieth- century art, reveals the story of an unorthodox, contradictory, and elusive genius. Maciunas attempted to rule Fluxus in totalitarian fashion, yet he laughed at himself and provoked others to laughter, poking fun at the incurable illnesses and painful realities that afflicted him throughout his relatively short life. What emerges from this collection of anecdotes and impressions, coaxed from many of his former Fluxus colleagues and from an array of friends and enemies, is an informative portrait of an inspiring crusader whose mission was to change the world, beginning with the world of art.


Ann Noel

Edited By

Emmett Williams

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