Mr. Classic

Jeremy Hackett, Garda Tang


Today, classic English tailoring is admired worldwide, and rightly so. There is nothing quite like a pair of well-polished brogues, a tailored dinner jacket, or even freshly laundered striped cotton pajamas. And when it comes to tailoring, there is nobody quite like Jeremy Hackett.

Hackett takes us on a grand tour of the world of Bentleys and polo, bicycles and picnics, bow ties and Sussex spaniels. Along the way, he muses on sartorial codes: why plus twos beat plus fours, the pros and cons of cuff-links, the art of monogramming, how one should dress for a shooting party, and how to get that bow tie looking “just so.”

Brimming with anecdotes and observations as sharp as his suits—as well as nostalgia for a time when a man knew how to dress for an occasion—this is a book for those who appreciate the finer things in life.


Written in a tone as sharp as his bow tie, Hackett's book muses on everything from the ideal length of a sock to proper dress for a hunting party.

— Zink


Jeremy Hackett


Jeremy Hackett is Chairman of the clothing label Hackett.

Garda Tang


Garda Tang is a London-based photographer.