Mountain Modern Contemporary Homes in High Places

Dominic Bradbury, Richard Powers


High up in mountains around the world, houses that have long been constructed following local building traditions are being transformed. Intrepid young architects using new technologies and materials are refashioning these traditions, with results that range fromgemütlich (cozy) retreats to glamorous hilltop villas.

Houses are presented in three sections: Cabin, Chalet, and Villa. Photographs of each house reveal its architecture, interior design, and striking setting, while plans provide an additional layer of information. Texts tell the story of how the dwelling was sited to make the most of its location, how new construction innovations were introduced, and how these solutions provide a comfortable space from which families can enjoy the great outdoors. While our cities become ever more concentrated, there is an increasing desire to experience nature as directly as possible. From the Highlands of Scotland to the breathtaking summits of the Alps and the adrenaline-fuelled mountain resorts of California, Mountain Modern is a journey to the most stunning homes of our planet.


While the urge to head for the hills goes way back, when it comes to high-altitude dwellings, contemporary designers are looking forward, as illustrated by the bright, clean-lined homes in Mountain Modern.

— Wall Street Journal

Though we rarely categorize designs by their altitude, here it makes for an interesting collection.

— Interior Design

Examines the current trends and challenges of creating newly constructed homes in mountains…A detailed look at contemporary domestic architecture.

— Library Journal

Packed with photos of sleek homes high in the mountains around the world.

— Country's Best Cabins

The interiors are filled with expensive and tasteful contemporary artwork, yet the personal touch clearly shows that these are homes.

— Portland Book Review

Capture[s] cabins, chalets, and villas, all built along breathtaking perches.

— Architectural Digest


Dominic Bradbury


Dominic Bradbury is a design writer.

Richard Powers


Richard Powers is a photographer specializing in interiors, architecture, and the built environment. His books include The Iconic Interior, Beyond Bawa, and New Paris Style.