Mini Artists 20 Projects Inspired by the Great Artists

Joséphine Seblon, Robert Sae-Heng

Twenty art projects for budding mini artists, inspired by famous artworks.

Mini Artists introduces young children to art through twenty fun and easy craft projects inspired by famous artworks. Each project has been prepared for children between the ages three and six years by author Joséphine Seblon, an art historian and mother of two young children.

The benefits of art for young children are well known. Art stimulates curiosity, creativity, the imagination, and well-being. But being creative with young children can be daunting. This is where Mini Artists comes in.

The twenty projects in Mini Artists engage children with art through making. Mini artists will discover drip painting with Jackson Pollock, carve soap sculptures with Barbara Hepworth, and create their own obliteration room with Yayoi Kusama. They’ll travel through time and explore art from different periods, from cave painting to Medieval stained glass, Chinese ink painting to washable graffiti inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat. Grounded in art history, Mini Artists also features a range of interesting art techniques that are ideal for teaching new motor skills.

Each project requires minimal setup and cleanup, so that the maximum amount of time is spent creating together. The step-by-step instructions show photographs of the projects in progress so they can be followed at a glance, and the projects use simple materials, such as clay, ink, or paint.


Students ask questions as they experiment with styles and techniques of art from around the world.

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Joséphine Seblon


Joséphine Seblon studied art history at the École du Louvre and now works in publishing in London. She cocurated VIEW, a festival of art history at the Institut Français in London. Through her Instagram @weareminiartists, she shares the creative fun she has with her two young children, learning about and making art.

Robert Sae-Heng

Illustrated By

Robert Sae-Heng is an illustrator and artist with a BA in illustration from the University for the Creative Arts, Southeast England. He is the illustrator of the Newbery Medalist Linda Sue Park's The One Thing You'd Save.