Make Break Remix The Rise of K-Style

Fiona Bae

A bold, stylish look at the global rise of Korean culture and style in the words and images of those shaping and living it.

K-pop, K-fashion, K-drama, K-beauty: over the last decade, K-style has exploded onto the global scene. What is behind this phenomenon? Where does K-Style go from here? Make, Break, Remix: The Rise of K-Style makes no attempt to define or categorize, instead celebrating the eclectic, multi-faceted nature of K-Style and its home city of Seoul. 

Through interviews with eighteen tastemakers who are shaping K-style across creative sectors, from 1Million Studio's Lia Kim to leading K-pop stylist Youngjin Kim and drag pioneer Nana Youngrong Kim, Fiona Bae tells untold stories from true insiders, exploring a sense of identity in their work, how living in Seoul affects them and their creative output, and the decade of changes that has brought about the current K-style. Interwoven with these texts, five distinct photo-essays from celebrated photographer less_TAEKYUN KIM (recent credits including Vogue Korea, i-D Korea, and Dazed) capture the vibrant energy of Seoul's streets and the incredible style of its youth. 

Contributors such as songwriter and A&R Danny Chung, add their own vital perspectives on the scene, while fashion journalist Sukwoo Hong sits down with brands to watch for his K-fashion directory. Designed by Hezin O, with a distinct typography that blends Hangul and Roman writing systems, this is an inventive, genre-breaking look at K-style in the words of those shaping it. 


There seems to be a shortage of publications with a credible explanation for the peak popularity of Korean culture. Make Break Remix: The Rise of K-Style takes on two major questions: Why has K-style garnered so much attention and popularity globally? And what lies ahead for the Korean cultural trend? Deep-diving into 16 Korean creators' creative processes, the book extracts the essence of each creator's distinct identity and their perspective on the rise of K-style.

— Wallpaper*

A deep dive into the cultural juggernaut's impact on fashion and beyond… This unique ability to 'make, break, and remix' has birthed incredible talent via South Korea's underground.

— Dazed

During the past decade South Korean culture has enjoyed international appeal across the worlds of fashion, music, and beauty. But how and why has the country's creative scene exploded onto the global stage? To find out what exactly K-style is, [turn] to Fiona Bae.

— Monocle Radio on Design

Introduces readers to some of the Korean stars behind the scenes, the style makers whose creativity and daring make k-style so vibrant

— Forbes


Fiona Bae


Seoul-raised and London-based, Fiona Bae consults with artists, designers, architects, and cultural institutions through her communications consultancy.