London Minimum

Herbert Ypma

Herbert Ypma created an innovative approach to interior design in this series of visual sourcebooks for designers, architects, artists, travelers, and everyone interested in home decoration.


London is often associated with clutter and chintz, but in fact interior minimalism is at its zenith there. From the elegant restraint of Georgian architecture, furniture, and silverware to the pared-down, sophisticated interiors of contemporary designers, London has often displayed a preference for directness and uniformity. This tradition—making use of materials of the highest quality in the simplest and most dramatic ways—gives a seductive edge to London’s minimal design.

London Minimum features the work of some of London’s most celebrated and creative individuals. Outstanding photographs reveal and highlight the harmony of minimal design—the true London style.


Herbert Ypma


Herbert Ypma is a bestselling author and photographer whose groundbreaking HIP Hotels series inspired an entirely new genre of travel publishing. His many other books include RSVP: Simple Sophistication, Effortless Entertaining and Amazing Places Cost Nothing.