Lives of the Ancient Egyptians

Toby Wilkinson

One hundred biographies of ancient Egyptians, both rulers and everyday citizens, reveal the true character and diversity of the ancient world’s greatest civilization.

Spanning thousands of years of ancient Egyptian history, this volume offers a fresh perspective on an always fascinating civilization through the lives of the people who ruled, built the great monuments, staffed government offices, farmed, served in the temples, and fought to defend the country’s borders.

This book includes stories of god-kings, from great rulers such as Khufu and Ramesses II to less famous monarchs such as Amenemhat I and Osorkon; powerful queens such as Tiye, the beautiful Nefertiti, Tutankhamun’s tragic child- bride Ankhesenamun, and the infamous Cleopatra; as well as ordinary women who are often overlooked in official accounts: Hemira, a humble priestess from a provincial Delta town, and Naunakht, whose will reveals the trials and tribulations of family life.

Illustrated with works of art and scenes of daily life, Lives of the Ancient Egyptians offers remarkable insights into the history and culture of the Nile Valley and very personal glimpses of a vanished world.


Toby Wilkinson


Toby Wilkinson holds a doctorate in Egyptology from the University of Cambridge where he is a Fellow of Clare College. He lectures widely on ancient Egypt and has extensive experience of the archaeological sites in the Nile Valley and Egyptian deserts.