LetterScapes A Global Survey of Typographic Installations

Anna Saccani

The first global survey of typographic art installations in public spaces


We are bombarded with words today. Public spaces are saturated with a discordant mix of messages, but sometimes a sentence, a word, or even an individual letter stops us in our tracks. LetterScapes features thirty-seven typographic installations in public spaces that demand attention with their graphic impact and communicative power.

The installations can be found throughout the world, from the United States to Europe to Asia. Created in a variety of materials, they vary from huge signs on roofs to a stream of consciousness embedded in a road to structures that appear to be functional or decorative, but are in fact made up of letters of the alphabet.

The book features projects by artists and designers including Joan Brossa, Maya Lin, Lawrence Weiner, Pentagram, and Paula Scher. Interviews provide insight into why the artists chose words over images to transmit the message, how the locations were chosen, how materials and typefaces were selected, and how each work connects with its “landscape.” Specially drawn maps show the locations for all those interested in discovering this unique kind of public art for themselves.


Opens our eyes to a category of design that we may never have even considered a category.

— Interior Design

[A] bountiful feast for lovers of fonts and typography.

— Publishers Weekly

Looking at both the sculptures themselves and how they function in a public context, Saccani shows us that 'Love' can mean something different in New York City or in Tokyo, depending on the context.

— The Huffington Post

Saccani's book is successful because it covers each of these works in considerable depth, with background information about the artists, locations, and also the typefaces used.

— Library Journal

The design of the book (also Saccani's work) is clear, elegant, and distinguished…Although more focused in its subject matter, LetterScapes in many ways equals for surpasses Walter Herdeg's edited Archigraphica.

— Choice


Anna Saccani


Anna Saccani is an Italian graphic designer. She writes for Casabella and other architecture and design magazines.