Islamic Architecture A World History

Eric Broug

A richly illustrated history and sourcebook spanning the world of Islamic architecture.

Islamic architecture is a broad topic, covering some 1,400 years up to the present day. The richness of building types, regional styles, and architectural details is reflected here, with a striking balance of familiar and unfamiliar, of world-renowned masterpieces and lesser-known gems. All eras and regions are represented, but with an eye for some of the creative exuberance, boldness, and sensitivity of Islamic architecture that has not been explored for a general readership until now.

Eric Broug has an expert eye for the use of geometry and pattern, noting architectural elements that attend to specific regional, environmental, and climatic concerns. Providing a wealth of information about buildings’ historical and cultural contexts, Islamic Architecture is a richly packed visual sourcebook demonstrating the function and worldwide appeal of Islamic architecture. This book is essential for artists, designers, architects, and students of Islamic culture worldwide.


Eric Broug's richly illustrated history…spans 1,400 years and the entire globe… This book [is] full of treasures and surprises.


[A] visual feast.

— Publishers Weekly


Eric Broug


Eric Broug is an educator and artist. He holds a master’s degree in the history of Islamic art and architecture from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London. In addition to leading workshops and giving lectures around the world, Broug runs his own school of Islamic geometric design and has worked on many projects in the Middle East and beyond. He is also the author of Islamic Geometric Patterns, Islamic Geometric Design, and the Islamic Design Workbook.