Is Technology Making Us Sick? (The Big Idea Series)

Ian Douglas

This new volume in The Big Idea series evaluates the impact of the increased use of technology in everyday life on society.

Modern technology has undoubtedly enhanced our lives in numerous, powerful ways—we can now communicate in real time with friends and colleagues around the world, and do mundane tasks such as shopping or banking at a touch. But has there been a detrimental effect on our health and happiness? Is Technology Making Us Sick? assesses the impact of our increased screen time and everyday interactions with modern technology, the ways we relate to others, and on our mental and physical health.

In Is Technology Making Us Sick?, expert Ian Douglas traces the development of human interaction with technology over the last thirty years. His in-depth analysis dissects the key issues, including the consequences of social media and gaming on self-esteem, brain development, anxiety levels, loneliness, depression, and personal relationships; and the impact on our stress levels of always being plugged into the internet. Ultimately, Is Technology Making Us Sick? offers strategies to combat habit-forming products and presents ways to take advantage of revolutionary technology without falling victim to its negative impacts.


Ian Douglas


Ian Douglas has written widely on science, technology, health, child development, and the ways in which they all collide. He spent many years at the Telegraph writing on these topics as digital development editor. He ran the website at the British Library and was head of digital at the Spectator.