Interior Design Since 1900

Anne Massey

Newly updated and overflowing with color, this well-established history of interior design describes and illustrates each movement and change in taste throughout the twentieth century.

Interior design experienced an extraordinary amount of changes in taste and style during the twentieth century. From William Morris and the Arts and Crafts movement to expressionism, postmodernism, and green design, Interior Design Since 1900 charts them all.

Featuring more than two hundred color illustrations of interiors from around the world, this book reveals the fundamental changes in style that occurred throughout the century. The 1900s saw the emergence of professional designers and a growing appetite to redesign homes to keep up with popular fashion. In recent decades, the focus has shifted toward public spaces and sustainable design. In this survey, Anne Massey explores the social, political, economic, and cultural contexts of these developments.

This book has been a classic introduction to interior design for almost thirty years. The new, fourth edition is brought up-to-date with a chapter on transnational design, encompassing midcentury modernist work in Singapore and Sri Lanka, as well as more recent interior spaces, including luxury hotels in Dubai and a contemporary art museum in Cape Town. Through this book, Massey shows how a shared language of design and cutting-edge technology are reshaping interiors around the globe.


Anne Massey


Anne Massey is professor of design and culture at Huddersfield University and professorial fellow at the University of the Creative Arts, England. She is the author of The Independent Group: Modernism and Mass Culture, 1945-1959; Interior Design Since 1900; and six other books. She has edited five volumes, including A Companion to Contemporary Design Since 1945, and was founding coeditor of the journal Interiors: Design, Architecture, Culture. She lives in London.