Hoot and Howl Across the Desert Life in the World's Driest Deserts

Vassiliki Tzomaka

A beautifully illustrated and fascinating exploration of what life is like for animals in some of the world’s harshest desert environments, where only the toughest creatures survive.

Discover the remarkable plants and animals that live in the world’s driest climates—both hot and cold! With beautifully illustrated landscapes, this book proves just how much life exists in the world’s deserts. Travel around the globe and encounter hundreds of rare and little-known plants and animals that thrive in dry environments. Learn about nocturnal species who occupy the deserts, common survival tactics, lethal creatures to watch for, and how the desert food chain functions.

Hoot and Howl Across the Desert is an engaging investigation of some of the most extreme environments on Earth, from California’s Mojave Desert to the Arctic and from the Sahara to the Australian outback. With graphic illustrations that draw stylistically on folk art local to each desert, Vassiliki Tzomaka provides a level of detail that will satisfy even the most curious reader.


Creatively stylized images of flora and fauna native to some 15 deserts around the world.

— Kirkus Reviews


Vassiliki Tzomaka


Vassiliki Tzomaka is a designer and illustrator based in Colchester, UK. She has a PhD in children’s book illustration from the Cambridge School of Art and an MEnv in Environmental Studies from the University of Essex. She is the author of Hoot and Howl across the Desert, also published by Thames & Hudson