Hong Kong Front Door/Back Door

Michael Wolf, Kenneth Baker, Douglas Young

This trip through one of the most densely populated areas of the world is also a journey through a strangely underpopulated place, inhabited only by the traces of city dwellers.


The dark back alleys that crisscross the city are home to objects that, at first glance, seem to be discarded—the random detritus of the man-made world. Under the scrutiny of Michael Wolf's photographic eye, these objects become fascinating installation pieces, while the abstract patterns of the buildings reveal the beauty and order that underlie the apparent chaos of the city. Thought-provoking texts by Kenneth Baker and Douglas Young explore the choices that people make of lifestyle, form, function, identity, and design, as well as the notion of Hong Kong as a brand.


Michael Wolf


Michael Wolf‘s books include Hong Kong: Front Door/Back Door, Sitting in China and Chinese Propaganda Posters.

Kenneth Baker

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Kenneth Baker is the art critic for the San Francisco Chronicle.

Douglas Young

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Douglas Young is a designer and founder of the lifestyle store G.O.D. Ltd (Goods of Desire).