Grids A Drawing Book for Squares

Jacky Bahbout


From geometric shapes to free-flowing designs, children love to doodle. Within the patterned grids printed on the pages of Grids, children are inspired to create a city based on a grid of boxes; sketch a huge crowd of people; transform a 3-D grid into a robot workshop; and turn simple lines into funny faces.

The book begins with drawing tips and prompts for children to follow, including how to draw characters using only a few simple shapes, and facial expressions with only a few lines. The book quickly progresses to more loosely regimented activities that encourage children to use their imaginations. The book also includes activity stickers that encourage young readers to “design a butterfly” or “invent a machine.” Printed on a variety of paper colors and stocks, Grids uses simple grids to help children create fantastic images.


If your child thinks of a blank page as an artistic challenge, and if he or she can imagine a shape, face, animal or building, this book has the perfect grid for it. It’s perfect for both structured and free and uninhibited art work.

— Picture Book Depot

activities that encourage children to use their imaginations

— San Diego Family


Jacky Bahbout


Jacky Bahbout’s previous children’s books include Make Art with Your Hands and Feet, Funny Face!, and My Fashion Lookbook. She lives in London.