Great Military Leaders and their Campaigns

Jeremy Black

A profusely illustrated overview of the careers and campaigns of the world's greatest commanders


This authoritative and magnificentlyl illustrated book examines the entire history of the war through the eyes of the leading protagonists, from Cyrus the Great in the sixth century BC to Vo Nguyen Giap in the twentieth century.

Truly worldwide in scope, the book ranges from China to India to Africa, and from Europe to the Americas, focusing in detail on more than one hundred major military leaders, their associates, and their opponents. All the great commanders are here: Alexander the Great, Hannibal, Julius Caesar, Saladin, Chingiz Khan, Napolean, Wellington, Nelson, Ulysses S. Grant, Erich von Manstein, and Georgy Zhukov. So too are less familiar figures, such as Jan Žižka and János Hunyadi, bold Czech and Hungarian leaders of the Middle Ages; Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the "Napolean of Japan"; and Nader Shah, the Persian conqueror of the eighteenth century.

The large format allows for a full display of the illustrations, from portraits and battlefield scenes to weapons and uniforms, plus spectacular battle reconstructions. There are specially  comissioned campaign maps for each major leader, plus a reference section that includes concise biographies of 250 commanders.

Jeremy Black is professor of History at the University of Exeter and the author or editor of many books, including The Cambridge Illustrated Atlas of Warfare and The Seventy Great Battles in History.


Jeremy Black

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Jeremy Black is one of the United Kingdom’s most respected and prolific historians. He is a senior fellow at Policy Exchange, an emeritus professor of history at Exeter University, and a renowned expert on the history of war. His recent books include A Brief History of Italy, A Brief History of Spain, and France: A Short History.