Graffiti Argentina

Maximiliano Ruiz

The vibrant graffiti and street scene in Argentina: the product of a unique mixture of influences.


In the 1970s when graffiti first became part of mainstream art in the United States and Europe, Argentina was living under a dictatorial regime. Long after its demise, the dangers of self-expression still inhibited graffiti's development there. But today, artists have developed innovative styles and techniques all their own, giving them a special place in the international scene.

Graffiti Argentina is a collaboration between the Argentine film director Maximiliano Ruiz and three talented graphic designers: Pauline Aubry, Damian E. Regazzoni, and Jorge Cordoba. The exciting visual story that they have compiled is complemented by artist interviews on the first efflorescence of graffiti in the 1990s; on the movement in recent years; on the underground use of tags, train graffiti, and political images; and on the sketches and designs that have come from the street to influence the visual culture of the country.


An exciting visual story of Argentina's vibrant graffiti and street scene.

— Public Art Review


Maximiliano Ruiz

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Maximiliano Ruiz is the founder of La Maranguel Films.