Graffiti and Street Art

Anna Waclawek

A refreshingly jargon-free survey of what many consider the art movement of the twenty-first century.

Whether adored or abhorred, graffiti and street art provoke passionate debate. This is the first comprehensive popular survey of the art movement around the world. Organized thematically, it explores the origins of the movement and its evolution, the relationship between street art and the urban environment, its interactions with (or rejection of) the market and the world of commercial galleries, and the culture of street art online.

The book features a wide range of artists working in different media and styles across multiple countries. It explains the terms and language of street art—from tags and throwies to culture jamming and subvertising—as well as its multiple influences and sub-genres.


Rather than being a concise history, this volume functions primarily as visual analysis of the contemporary street art movement.

— Choice


Anna Waclawek


Anna Waclawek is Graduate Program Administrator in the Department of Art History at Montreal’s Concordia University.