Goodvertising Creative Advertising That Cares

Thomas Kolster

Thought-provoking and innovative: responsible advertising by brands and charities worldwide, including Volkswagen, FIAT, Unilever, UNESCO, Greenpeace, Michelin, HP, and American Express


Can advertising be a force for good? How can a brand use advertising to earn the trust of an audience? Demonstrating a brand’s corporate conscience or making audiences aware of its charitable or philanthropic activities is one of the great creative challenges an advertising agency can be given. Here is a collection of outstanding and effective campaigns that communicate the socially responsible nature of leading brands, products, and public organizations today. Deftly organized into ten chapters—Transparency, Connection, Simplicity, Collaboration, Passion, Creativity, Contagiousness, Generosity, Insight, and Full Commitment—it both inspires through great work and explains the principles involved. Over ninety campaigns in a full array of media channels are featured, and each is accompanied by a detailed commentary on the work. Including interviews and insights from leading advertising strategists, the book provides a comprehensive overview for professional advertising creatives, brand strategists, or anyone who works with a brand that values truth, trust, and responsibility.


Hundreds of color illustrations enhance this volume, which should appeal to readers interested in learning how advertising can play an important role in discussing ideas, not just selling products or services.

— Choice


Thomas Kolster


Thomas Kolster, founder of the creative agency Inkognito, is a Danish media and advertising strategist and the recipient of several international awards .