Furnitecture Furniture That Transforms Space

Anna Yudina

Presents a wave of designers who are applying architectural techniques to create innovative new furnishing options.

Furnitecture is a sourcebook exploring the furnishings, interior environments, and solutions for small spaces at the meeting point between design and architecture. The book features the work of a rising generation of designers across the globe who are starting to think about furniture in an architectural way, resulting in pieces that brilliantly transform interior spaces.

Boosted by digital design and new manufacturing possibilities, furniture design that morphs into “micro architecture” is one of the most innovative fields of design today. Surveyed here are hundreds of examples of these objects, including bookshelves that can dynamically divide and reshape a room, chairs that create intimate room-like enclosures, and self-contained, expandable kitchen cubes. From Chicago-based firm Bureau Spectacular’s “Briefcase house,” and Japanese architect Shigeru Ban’s moving boxes within rooms to Dutch designers Makkink & Bey’s conversational Ear Chairs and the French atelier 37.2’s series of self-standing cubes, Furnitecture opens the door to a world of design invention and innovation.

Presented in a compact, beautifully illustrated format, this volume will be an essential resource for designers and hip consumers everywhere.


Spotlights new talents bringing architectural concepts to furniture design.

— Publisher's Weekly

Admirably inventive and provocative furniture compiled by an authority who is also the designer of the book, giving it a look as fresh as the contents.

— Interior Design

Anna Yudina shows off architectural awareness where shelving, storage, seating, macro- furniture, and rooms-within-rooms reign supreme and approach space in a whole new way…All in all, the sights within are dynamic, just as a mash-up ought to be.

— California Home + Design


Anna Yudina


Anna Yudina is co- founder and editor- in- chief of MONITOR magazine. She has curated design exhibitions on Zaha Hadid and Jakob + MacFarlane and has authored several books on architecture, including Furnitecture and Lumitecture. She lives in Paris.