Funny Face! Find the surprises! Draw, color and fold!

Jacky Bahbout, Hannah Warren

An ingeniously constructed drawing book that allows children to create a range of funny faces

Funny Face! is an activity book in which things aren’t quite what they seem. Inspired by the idea of visual puns, the book allows children to draw, shade, and fold to make surprising and funny things happen to pictures of all kinds of faces.

Using clever but simple methods, the book helps children create a range of witty visual gags. Doodle through a die cut and shaggy eyebrows on one picture turn into a droopy moustache on the picture beneath. Open a gatefold to make a little boy’s tiny ears become gigantic. Draw pictures on split pages to create faces with different hats, noses, and beards. Turn the pages back and forth to find all the tricks and make all the funny faces. Children will be delighted and surprised when, by creating one funny face, they unexpectedly make another funny face on a different page.

Enhanced by Hannah Warren’s entertaining range of cheeky, naughty, smiling, and jolly faces, presented through rich colors and a sturdy format, Funny Face! offers hours of entertainment for energetic and creative children.


Kids can draw, color and fold their way to the funniest faces in town.

— Time Out New York


Jacky Bahbout


Jacky Bahbout‘s previous children’s books include Make Art with Your Hands and Feet, Funny Face!, and My Fashion Lookbook. She lives in London.

Hannah Warren


Hanna Warren‘s illustrations have been commissioned by magazines and newspapers including The Telegraph. She has illustrated the books Noma and Tired of London.