Flower Art Makoto Azuma

Makoto Azuma

A comprehensive showcase of Makoto Azuma’s striking flower art and botanical sculpture captured in stunning color photography.

Since opening the floral shop JARDINS des FLEURS in Japan nearly two decades ago, Makoto Azuma has been taking commissions from private clients, brands, and corporations from all over the world. He also founded AMKK (Azuma Makoto Kaju Kenkyujo), a group specializing in experimental and innovative floral creations that turn flowers and plants into a medium of self-expression. Juxtaposing the timeless yet transient beauty of  flowers with incredibly diverse and striking settings, Azuma has produced work that has adorned Rihanna’s head on the cover of British Vogue and has been exhibited in nearly every corner of the world, from barren deserts and frozen tundras to the depths of the ocean and the edge of space itself.

This breathtaking collection of Azuma’s work includes more than sixty projects revealing the artist’s incredible skill and delight in blurring the boundaries between nature and artifice.


Makoto Azuma


Makoto Azuma is internationally renowned for his extraordinary botanical sculptures, which he has exhibited extensively in North America and Europe. He is the author of Flora Magnifica.