Flight School How to Fly a Plane--Step by Step

Nicholas Barnard

An interactive introduction to aviation that encourages children to imagine themselves in the air, flying a plane.


Here is a flying class for children who relish the details of dials, widgets, and flight panels. Filled with facts and statistics, it covers flying hardware, gadgets, and pilot know-how, and will delight all turbo-charged girls and boys who want to learn how aviation works.

An introductory “Ground School” section looks at the science and technology of planes and what keeps them up in the air. “Airborne” takes to the sky with the child sitting in the pilot’s seat, learning how to take off, land, dive, and zoom. The concluding section identifies various types of planes, including historical models.


Nicholas Barnard


Nicholas Barnard‘s other books include Living with Decorative Textiles. He lives in England.