Fashion Sourcebooks The 1980s

John Peacock

Fashion Sourcebooks is a series of beautifully illustrated paperbacks that surveys the development of women's and men's clothing from 1900 onward, with a volume devoted to each decade.

Fashion in the 1980s tended toward the functional and the formal. The typical "power dressed" woman of the period wore her shoulders wide, her skirts short, and her heels high, while sometimes colorful and relaxed men's fashions of the 1970s gave way to more conventional dressing. The year-by-year format of this book allows these developments to be shown in fascinating detail. Day and evening wear, sportswear, and accessories are included, and complete descriptions of each garment accompany the drawings. The reference section charts the evolution of fashion, and provides biographies of outstanding 1980s designers and a bibliography.


John Peacock


John Peacock was Senior Costume Designer for BBC Television for many years. His many books include The Complete Fashion Sourcebook; Costume: 1066 to the Present; The Chronicle of Western Costume; Twentieth-Century Fashion; Fashion Since 1900; Fashion Accessories; Shoes; Men’s Fashion; Twentieth-Century Jewelry; and many others.