Epiphany! The Game of Great Art Ideas

Robert Shore, Michelle Mildenberg Lara

From revelation to creation: play this memory game to learn about twenty-five thrilling "eureka" moments in art history from 1907 to today.

Have you ever pondered the groundbreaking moment an artist came up with a great idea? Epiphany! is a new and exciting twist on the ever-popular memory game. Each pair of cards depicts a different artist's epiphany as a split scene, elevating the gameplay with added sophistication.

From Picasso's transformative encounter with African art in 1907 to the pivotal exhibition that led to the formation of the Guerrilla Girls in 1985, each matching pair invites players to dive into the accompanying booklet to read the stories behind the epiphanies.


Robert Shore


Robert Shore is the author of several books about contemporary art and photography, including Beg, Steal and Borrow: Artists Against Originality, Andy Warhol, and Yayoi Kusama. He worked for many years as an arts reviewer and as the editor of Elephant magazine.

Michelle Mildenberg Lara

Illustrated By

Michelle Mildenberg Lara is an illustrator from Bogotá, now living in Amsterdam. Michelle works digitally with a focus on figurative drawing. She teaches on a remote basis at University of Los Andes. Previous clients include UNESCO, the New York Times, and Refinery29.