East End Fashionistas

Anthony Webb

An edgy photographic celebration of the unique street style and remarkable personalities to be found in the new urban counterculture


Multicultural, adjacent to London’s wealthy financial district, home to artists and designers of all stripes, London’s East End neighborhood is alive with creative possibility. Not unlike the denizens of Brooklyn’s Williamsburg, its inhabitants exhibit a highly individual sense of style, in keeping with their environment.

Anthony Webb’s exhilarating portraits capture the expressive characters who populate the East End. His full-color shots—framed against raw, vibrant backgrounds—portray hundreds of self-fashioned individuals flaunting remarkably creative personal style. Animated by graffiti found on local streets, as well as quotes from style and cultural icons including Vivienne Westwood, Malcolm McLaren, and Alexander McQueen, this book encapsulates the avant-garde spirit of a new urban counterculture taking not just London but all major urban centers by storm.


Anthony Webb


Anthony Webb is a London-based photographer and artist whose work has appeared in numerous publications including the Thames & Hudson’s StyleCity series.